Unfair Dismissal Of Employees And How Employees Can Fight Back}

Unfair Dismissal of Employees and How Employees Can Fight Back


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Those who have been unfairly dismissed from a particular job, especially after working for so many years, are very aware of the pain and sadness that come along with it. Though unfair dismissal is very common,fired employees can stand against the discriminating decision and ask for his /her rights. Firing employees at any time for no particular reason is wrong and legal actions can be taken against the company in question for providing compensations to the employees. Getting a specialized wrongful termination lawyer in Los Angeles to handle your wrongful termination claims is very important for securing your future and ensuring you get the justice you deserve.1. Have a ContractYou should be aware that anyone with a signed contract or other documents that guarantee him/her employment security has a very strong case and cannot be dismissed for no particular reason. A wrongful termination lawyer in Los Angeles can use any written or signed document as a corroborating evidence in court.In addition to this, there are some circumstances of employees getting an implied contract, which is mainlybased on what was verbally promised to an employee. That could be another exception to the “at will” rule, though it’s going to be quite difficult to prove. However, with a wrongful termination lawyer in Los Angeles, there can be a solution. While handling your case, thelawyer, considers the length of your employment period, positive performance reviews, assurance of long-term employment, and the company’s failure to give a dismissal warning if it was stated in the employment manual.2. Breaking of Good FaithThis is a legalterm where an employercannotunfairly treatanemployee. If the company violates this term, it creates a situation where the court finds evidence of wrongful termination.3. Violations of Public PoliciesEvery wrongful termination lawyer in Los Angeles knows it isillegal to violate public policies while firing an employee. However, before making a wrongful termination claim based on this, most courts tend to have some proofs, such as dismissing an employee for taking time off for jury duties or voting, denying an employee his/her earned vacation salary, termination because of serving in the military and so on.4. DiscriminationDiscrimination is a major partof the unfair dismissal of employees. A wrongful termination lawyer in Los Angeles is very knowledgeable about it and knows that no employer can fire an employee based on skin color, race, nationality, gender, religion, age, marital status, disability or sexual orientation; even if the employee has no written contract with the company.5. FraudThere are some horrible reasons employers provide for firing employees. These issuesare mostly seen during recruitments and the challenging part of having a proof of fraud is to show that an employer did the act intentionally to trick an employee. Proper documentations helpa wrongful termination lawyer in Los Angele determine this factor efficiently.6. Defamation of CharacterHiring a wrongful termination lawyer in Los Angeles for the defamation of one’s character is a method of protecting an employee’s reputation. When trying to prove that the defamation was caused by afiredemployee, the employee has to show that horrible and negative statements were made that would ruin his/her chances of getting a new job.Employing the services of a wrongful termination lawyer in Los Angeles is the first step towards ensuring a secured career if you have been unfairly dismissed by an employer. Don’t just stay at home and worry about your unfair treatment, make a move now and call a good wrongful termination lawyer in Los Angeles.A Wrongful Termination Lawyers in Los Angeles can use any written or signed document as a corroborating evidence in court. Find here for more details about Employeejustice.law.

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Nokia appoints Microsoft Business Division Head as chief executive

Nokia appoints Microsoft Business Division Head as chief executive

Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Finnish communications corporation Nokia announced that its Head will change on September 21. The previous chief executive Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo will continue to chair in non-executive capacity. The head of Microsoft Business division Stephen Elop will take the position. It is the first time a non-Finn becomes Nokia president and chief executive.

The change follows Nokia’s fall in world markets. It includes a decrease in Nokia’s American market share to less than ten percent after failed negotiations with a number of leading American phone providers. An analyst at a market analyst company Canalys Pete Cunningham said, “Despite holding 38 percent market share of the smartphone market, Nokia’s failure to compete with the iPhone and high-tier Android devices, combined with its lack of progress in gaining significant traction in the United States, has led to press and investor dissatisfaction.”

Some commenters suggested that Nokia chose Mr. Elop partly because he is a Canadian, following criticism of American candidates by the Finnish press. However a Nokia spokesman rejected this, saying, “Nationality was not a selection criteria.”

Stephen Elop was president and CEO of the graphics and web-development software house Macromedia prior to its acquisition by Adobe in 2005. He then joined Microsoft as President of Microsoft’s Business Division in January, 2008. Commenting on his new role he said, “Nokia has a unique global position as well as a great brand upon which we can build. The Nokia slogan clearly states our key mission: Connecting People, which will acquire new dimensions as we build our portfolio of products, solutions and services.”

In the announcement the Chairman of the Nokia Board of Directors Jorma Ollila stressed an expected shift of focus from hardware to software. “His [Stephen Elop’s] strong software background and proven record in change management will be valuable assets as we press harder to complete the transformation of the company. We believe that Stephen will be able to drive both innovation and efficient execution of the company strategy in order to deliver increased value to our shareholders”.

Nokia stated in an official blog post, “Nokia is transitioning from a hardware manufacturer of mobile devices to a software and solutions business. …Stephen’s background in the software industry is one of his key strengths.”

Chinese Wikimania 2006 to be held in Hong Kong

Chinese Wikimania 2006 to be held in Hong Kong

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

This article mentions the Wikimedia Foundation, one of its projects, or people related to it. Wikinews is a project of the Wikimedia Foundation.

The Chinese community of Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, is planning for a 2006 Chinese Wikimedia conference (2006??????), which is scheduled on the 26th and 27th of August this year. Hong Kong has been selected, from six candidate cities, to hold the event.

During selection of the host city, the Chinese community favored Hong Kong mostly, while Taipei was the second, and Shanghai and Beijing were tied for the third. The leader of the organzing committee, Kaurjmeb from Taipei, Taiwan, said that “Comparing the advantages and disadvantages, Hong Kong is much better than Taipei,” when she announced the result late March 14th at midnight. She said that Hong Kong Wikipedia users have been active, and other users agreed with that, so it led to success for Hong Kong in being selected as the host city.

Wikipedia is a multilingual Web-based free-content encyclopedia. It is written collaboratively by volunteers, allowing most articles to be changed by anyone with access to a web browser and an Internet connection. Wikipedia’s policies guide most acticles to be acceptable to most people. Begun in 2001, Wikipedia has more than 2,500,000 articles in 212 languages. The Chinese version, which started on October 2002, reached nearly 60,000 acticles recently, and the number is increasing by more than 3,000 acticles every month. Its users are from Mainland China (PRC), Taiwan (ROC) and other places all over the world.

Thirteen percent of the users of the Chinese Wikipedia are from Hong Kong, and more than 6,000 Hongkongers have contributed by editing acticles. Due to the efforts of Hong Kong’s active users, there is a lot of information related to Hong Kong. The aim of the Chinese Wikipedia conference is to gather the Chinese Wikipedia’s users and other people, in order to discuss issues related to intellectual property, open educational resources and media etc., by means of talks and seminars.

Holding the event in Hong Kong enables people from Mainland China and Taiwan to meet together. Hong Kong users, however, mainly worry about whether the resources for holding such an event are enough. Luckily, the Student Union of the Chinese University of Hong Kong is willing to give a hand. Ben Cheng, previous vice-president, pointed out, “Issues about intellectual property and Wikipedia are ignored in Hong Kong.” They hope that helping to organize such events can promote Wikimedia and its meaning to the citzens in Hong Kong. On the other hand, another student organization, the Hong Kong Secondary Sudents Union, also showed its interest in helping with the organizing work. Rock Li, the internal secretary, said that “If the event is held in Hong Kong, people from Hong Kong will be more aware of intellectual property.”

Wikimedia Foundation receives copyright infringement claim from Mormon Church

Wikimedia Foundation receives copyright infringement claim from Mormon Church

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

This article mentions the Wikimedia Foundation, one of its projects, or people related to it. Wikinews is a project of the Wikimedia Foundation.

The Wikimedia Foundation has received a copyright infringement claim from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, widely known as the Mormon Church or LDS Church. The infringement claim is in reference to a URL used as a source in a Wikinews article about Mormon Church documents leaked to the website Wikileaks, titled “Copy of handbook for leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints obtained by Wikinews”. The URL was originally cited as a link in the sources subsection of the article. The Wikimedia Foundation is a donor-supported non-profit organization which runs Wikipedia and Wikinews. This is the first time that the Wikimedia Foundation has received a copyright infringement claim regarding an article published by Wikinews.

The Wikinews article, originally published on April 19, described material in the Church Handbook of Instructions. The work is a two-volume book of policies and is a guide for leaders of the Mormon Church. Wikinews obtained the Church Handbook of Instructions from Wikileaks, a whistleblower website which publishes anonymous submissions of sensitive documents while preserving the anonymity of its contributors. Wikileaks describes the material as significant because “…the book is strictly confidential among the Mormon (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, aka LDS in short form) bishops and stake presidents and it reveals the procedure of handling confidential matters related to tithing payment, excommunication, baptism and doctrine teaching (indoctrination).”

The material was released on the Wikileaks website on April 16, and according to the site was first made available on the document sharing website Scribd. A message at Scribd now states: “This content was removed at the request of copyright agent B. S. Broadbent of the Intellectual Property Division of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.”

On May 5, the Wikimedia Foundation received a copyright infringement claim from Intellectual Reserve, Inc., the legal entity that owns the intellectual property of the Mormon Church. The infringement claim is addressed to Jimmy Wales, the designated agent of the Wikimedia Foundation, and requests that access to the link to Wikileaks be removed. The link was removed from the article on May 5 by a Wikinews administrator, and the article remains available without the link. The infringement claim was sent by Berne S. Broadbent, president of Intellectual Reserve, Inc. and director of the Intellectual Property Division of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. According to Mike Godwin, general counsel for the Wikimedia Foundation, the Mormon Church has not filed a Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) notice with the foundation.

In 1999, Jerald and Sandra Tanner, prominent critics of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, released material from the Church Handbook of Instructions to the Internet through their organization Utah Lighthouse Ministry, without including the copyright notice of Intellectual Reserve, Inc. or obtaining permission from the church. The website of the Utah Lighthouse Ministry describes as its purpose: “…to document problems with the claims of Mormonism and compare LDS doctrines with Christianity.” The Tanners had received a copy of the 1998 edition of Church Handbook of Instructions from an anonymous sender in October 1999. They published 17 pages of the 160-page handbook on the Utah Lighthouse Ministry website.

The church sent the Tanners a letter threatening a copyright infringement lawsuit if the material was not removed, and the Tanners removed the material from their site the same day, and posted the church’s letter to their website. The website still contained links to other locations that had the material, and an article in the Salt Lake Tribune listed addresses of these links. The church sued the Tanners through its company Intellectual Reserve, in the 1999 case Intellectual Reserve v. Utah Lighthouse Ministry.

The plaintiffs filed their complaint on October 13, 1999, and the United States district court issued a preliminary injunction on December 6, 1999 barring posting of the material by the defendants as well as posting links to other websites which contain the material. The New York Times and other news publications called the injunction a “chilling effect“. In November 2002, the church dropped the lawsuit against Utah Lighthouse Ministry, on condition that the Tanners destroy all copies of the Church Handbook of Instructions, and not include more than 50 words at a time from the handbook in any of their future articles.

WikiLeaks will not remove the handbooks, which are of substantial interest to current and former mormons. WikiLeaks will remain a place were people from around the world can safely reveal the truth.

Wikileaks has received copyright infringement claims from organizations including the Church of Scientology‘s Religious Technology Center and the Swiss Bank Julius Baer, and the Chinese government attempts to censor every website with the word “wikileaks” in the web page address. Bank Julius Baer sued Wikileaks after sending cease and desist letters in January 2008 which cited the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. As a result of the lawsuit, the bank obtained an injunction preventing the site’s domain name registrar from associating with Wikileaks, but this injunction was lifted in March 2008 and Bank Julius Baer dropped the case.

As of May 13 Wikileaks had not taken down the material on the Church Handbook of Instructions, and a second webpage at the site with a different version of the material was also still available. In a statement to Wikinews, a Wikileaks representative commented on the material hosted at the site: “WikiLeaks will not remove the handbooks, which are of substantial interest to current and former Mormons. WikiLeaks will remain a place where people from around the world can safely reveal the truth.”

 This story has updates See Mormon Church warns Wikileaks over documents, June 20, 2008 

Are You Prepared For Nose Surgery?}

Are You Prepared For Nose Surgery?



Today many people are opting for rhinoplasty for enhancing the shape of their nose. Rhinoplasty is used for cosmetic procedures as well as for correcting deformed noses due to traumas and injuries. If a person wants to go under any cosmetic procedure he should be prepared for the surgery. You should go under various tests prior to the surgery. A person who wants to correct the shape of his nose with the help of nose surgery should not have history of any serious diseases. A person who is a drinker or smoker is at greater risk of different complications of the surgery.

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You will have amazing results from the surgery if the surgeon is skilled and qualified. It is a good idea to discuss your expectations with the physician prior to the surgery. Your expectations from the nose job should be realistic. Many people are not satisfied with the results because they expect a lot from the rhinoplasty. It is a good idea to find all the available information about the surgery on the internet and in the books. Before going under the procedure you should know procedure, complications and risks of the surgery.

The most common complications of the rhinoplasty are swelling, redness and discoloration. The swelling and redness disappear in some days after the surgery. The results of the surgery are not seen in the early post operative period but can be seen after couple of weeks. If you want to minimize the post operative complications then you should follow all the instructions given by your doctor.

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Atlanta Rhinoplasty Surgery

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Are You Prepared For Nose Surgery?


Inquiry blames surgical failures for Scottish patient deaths

Inquiry blames surgical failures for Scottish patient deaths

Friday, February 17, 2012

A fatal accident inquiry concluded three patients who underwent keyhole surgery to remove their gall bladders died as a result of mistakes during, and after, the operations. Agnes Nicol, George Johnstone, and Andrew Ritchie died within a three-month period in 2006 whilst in the care of NHS Lanarkshire in Scotland.

Later expanded to look at all three deaths, the inquiry initially established to look into the case of Nicol, 50, who received surgery in late 2005. A surgeon at Wishaw General Hospital mistakenly cut her bile duct and her right hepatic artery. Whilst suturing her portal vein, her liver was left with 20% of its normal blood supply; the errors were not discovered until her transfer to liver specialists at Edinburgh’s Royal Infirmary.

By then, her liver was seriously damaged. She developed septicaemia, dying from multiple organ failure in March 2006.

Johnstone, 54, underwent the same procedure at Monklands District General Hospital on May 9, 2006. A consultant surgeon accidentally damaged, possibly severing, his bile duct. He died two days later in intensive care from the combined effects of multiple organ failure and a heart ailment.

Ritchie, 62, died in intensive care a week after an operation in June 2006. He died from intra abdominal haemorrhage caused by errors during the surgery.

Different surgeons were involved each time and the inquiry, under Sheriff Robert Dickson, found no evidence of poor training or inadequate experience. Dickson noted that in each case there was lack of action on a “growing body of evidence that there was something fundamentally wrong with the patient” and surgeons failed to contemplate their own actions as potentially responsible. He agreed with two professors that it may have been possible to save their lives “had the post-operative care been to the standard which they expected, and had there been a proper management plan which staff could have worked to” and noted that all the patients suffered from a lack of adequate medical notes being available after their surgery. He described the care as having “clear faults”.

NHS Lanarkshire has issued an apology, saying they “did fall below the high standards of care we aim to maintain in these cases and this has been extremely distressing for the patients’ families. We would like to take this opportunity to apologise to them.” The health board added improvements had been made regarding “these types of cases” as well as with document management.

Small Business Debt Collection Letter Writing}

Submitted by: Joel Walsh

Writing a debt collection letter is one of the most important skills of any small business owner. Do you have what it takes to get the money youve earned?

I have a confession: I’m a business writer who’s let clients get away with not paying me–a huge sign of failure of my writing abilities. You see, I never learned one of the most important writing skills for any self-employed person or small business owner: how to write a debt collection letter.

Debt collection letters–an overview

“Debt collection letter” in the singular may be an oxymoron, since unfortunately, one is rarely enough. You should have a series of letters to send to deadbeat clients, each one becoming a little more insistent. Here are some ideas for a five-letter series.

1. Dont make your first letter look like a collection letter at all. Make it a friendly note. Youre more likely to get money from someone who thinks of you as a partner than a dun.

2. If that first letter doesnt get a response–and usually it wont–send another the next week thats more urgent and directly asks for the money. Express your concern that you have not been able to contact the client. Ask if he or she is all right, and if he or she is having any trouble paying.

3. The next week, if you still have not gotten a response, send a letter referring to the payment terms in the agreement you and the client originally made (you did have some kind of written agreement, even if it was just on the back of your invoice, right?). Mention the effect this nonpayment is having on your cash flow, and that your businesss cash flow is just as important as theirs.

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4. Still no response by the next week? State plainly that you are asking for the money for the final time before referring it to collections. Include a copy of the entire agreement between you and the client.

5. If you still have not heard back from the client, and are confident that you do not simply have a problem with their contact information, call a collection agencyin fact, you may have wanted to have gotten a collection agency from step one (more on that below).

More Tips for Successful Debt Collections

Tip: Dont wait to start asking for your money.

If its been a week since the payment deadline passed, its been a week too long. Send out that first reminder letter today. Dont hesitate to send these letters as little as a week apart from each other. The longer your bill goes unpaid, the less likely it is you will ever see that money again.

Tip: If youve been sending email, try sending paper.

For whatever reason, there are people who take a paper letter more seriously. Theres also the real chance that your emails really are not getting through reliably, or are ending up at the bottom of an overflowing Inbox.

If you do send email, make sure its digitally signed. A digital signature proves that you sent the email to the specific recipient. In fact, you might want to make sure all your emails to clients and prospects are digitally signed, to have solid documentation of everything you said, and everything they owe.

Unlike with regular emails, the date, time, to and from fields cant be forged, so the email has legal standing, even more than certified mail. While web-based email programs cannot send digitally signed email, there are third-party services that will let you send hundreds of digitally signed emails from a desktop email program for only a few dollars a month.

Tip: Follow up your debt collection letter with a telephone call.

As any collection agency will tell you, telephone calls are useful if your debtor has ignored the collection letters. But with caller ID, Caller Blocking and voice mail – if people don’t want to take your calls it is hard to reach them. This technique could be especially effective in the case of someone with whom you know will answer their own phone.

Of course, your writing skills wont go to waste: you need to make sure you have scripted what you want to say. You should take the same attitude and touch on the same points as your letter. Whatever you do, dont let yourself get sidetracked, and dont be embarrassed. Theyre the ones who are putting you out.

Dont know your deadbeats telephone number? Try looking up the Whois record of the businesss website, which usually has the owners telephone number.

Does all this sound like too much work?

If youd rather be writing proposals than collection letters, there are small business collection agencies that will take on debts for as little as $20 each. After all, your client had enough sense to go to you rather than doing your specialty themselves. Shouldnt you have as much sense when it comes to your debt collection letters?

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New Zealand’s anti-spam legislation kicks in – exclusive report

New Zealand’s anti-spam legislation kicks in – exclusive report

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Freelance journalist, Gabriel Pollard, spoke to Joe Stewart and David Farrar about the new anti-spam legislation in New Zealand that comes into effect today. Joe Stewart is the Unit Manager of the Department of Internal Affairs new Anti-Spam Compliance Unit, and David Farrar is Chair of InternetNZ’s Public Policy Committee, who also had significant input into the final bill.

Keith Norris, CEO of the New Zealand Marketing Association, didn’t respond to multiple requests for an interview.

The anti-spam legislation, or the Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act 2007, promotes spam education and awareness and will enable international agencies to work together to share information and will enable cross-border pursuit of serious law breakers. And it doesn’t just cover e-mail spam, but all electronic messaging such as SMS/text messaging, etc.

However, New Zealand isn’t the most up-to-date country with implementing similar legislation, Farrar says, “We are in fact almost the last country in the OECD to have such legislation.” He urges Eastern Europe and China to take part in the fight against spam.

Stewart said that the new law would only help combat a small amount of spam, as 99%-99.9% of all spam received originates from overseas. He says the legislation alone will not solve the problem.

As well as it helping to fight New Zealand-sourced spam and preventing New Zealand from “becoming a haven for spammers”, it will promote good practices within the e-marketing community, Stewart said.

The new Act will affect legitimate marketers in New Zealand by making sure they have expressed or inferred consent to continue sending marketing messages to people on their database. Inferred consent is where the marketers have the e-mail address and send messages to those on their database, but didn’t get expressed consent to send messages. Stewart does issue a warning against using inferred consent saying, “They may have been sending these people messages for years, but this does not establish consent.”

A surge in emails has also been felt with companies/marketers making sure they have consent to continue the e-mails and asking those to confirm they wish to continue their subscription.

“However, many marketers are already fulfilling these requirements because they are standard good e-marketing practice,” Stewart said.

Due to legislative requirements, as well as having consent, businesses will have to provide details about the company sending the item, and provide a free way to unsubscribe from future mailings.

Those found breaking these requirements deliberately could find themselves facing a personal fine of up to NZ$200,000. Organisations could face a fine of up to $500,000. Farrar said, “Experience from Australia shows most cases are dealt with by way of education.”

Farrar also gives a final piece of advice to those annoyed with spam levels, “Never ever respond to a spam e-mail, and only give your real address out to people you trust.”

Branding professionals in Taiwan promoted on the “Smiling Curve” in the “2007 Taiwan Brands’ Trend Forum”

Branding professionals in Taiwan promoted on the “Smiling Curve” in the “2007 Taiwan Brands’ Trend Forum”

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

As “Brand International Promotion Association” and “Taiwan Excellent Manufacturers‘ Association” merged to “Taiwan Excellent Brand Association” (TEBA), “2007 Taiwan Brands’ Trend Forum”, with the slogan of “Winning Global Economic with Taiwan Brands”, held yesterday and invited professionals from governmental, financial, and IT industries to share experiences on marketing MIT (Made in Taiwan) brands and encourage MIT brands market to the world by innovations.

Newly-elected Chairman of TEBA Andy Tzu-jen Hsieh remarked in the opening: “A product with MIT brand didn’t mean ‘cheap’ but ‘value’ of its good quality.” With Hsieh’s words, Minister of Economic Affairs of Taiwan Steve Ruey-long Chen echoed and said: “Self-made (MIT) brands were progressively refined with its innovations, R&D, and new ideas. Lots of good MIT brands became notable world-wide in the presence. But it’s uncertain to determine success or failure when a company manages its brand because companies with small-business scale were grown up. A brand needs a long-period management to keep it in a good image.”

Many participants and local media focused on the keynote speech by the founder of Multitech Stan Shih. He compared brands trend between Taiwan and other world-wide countries with The World Is Flat and proved the trend of optimization on global companies with his “Smiling Curve” theory. “We (the public) should determine a brand good or failure by its quality, nature, and notability but not its scale.” Shih said and stressed, “Companies with MIT brands (OBMs) can’t always be ODMs or OEMs because some (people) often confused on conceptions and basis of ‘Branding Taiwan’ and ‘Taiwan Brands’. If a company need a good brand, it (a brand) should has its (brand owner’s) creations and management strategies to mark it into the world in a good position.”

“The brand trends in Taiwan is from ODM in the past to OEM commonly in the presence. But after some products by MIT companies were presented to the public, lots of MIT brands became world-class brands such as BenQ, Giant, Acer so that Taiwan can enter into the OBMs’ era. If Taiwan can still be in the OBMs’ era, the global market competitiveness and world-wide media exposure of MIT brands will be improved. ‘OBMs in Taiwan’ will help companies from several industries keep their headquarters retain in Taiwan.” Tracy Chun-fang Hsu (Vice Director-general of the Bureau of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs of R.O.C.) mentioned in the forum.

Before the Panel Discussion, Jerry Wang (Vice Chairman of BenQ) corrected the difference between “Values” and “Value” with some quotes from Wikipedia. He said: “Value of a brand include values and consumers’ value. A factor who determine consumers to buy a product or not is emotion or self-need. A brand’s or a product’s nature can be known with differences on consumers’ population. Of course, in Taiwan or other world-wide countries, every self-made brand or product has its style, nature, and characteristics.”

In the final of Panel Discussion, 3 main speakers think that “Smiling Curve” theory is a key factor to determine a company pursue its “brand value” success or failure. If a MIT brands wants to become world-class and notable, a company (brand owner) should not only have its creations, images, and innovations but also consider feelings from consumers.

How To Find A Great Fork Lift Truck}

Submitted by: Amun Garzia.

Some people worry about how they will buy the best fork lift truck that will suit their needs. They are not sure whether a used truck will be better than a new one.

Some people worry about how they will buy the best fork lift truck that will suit their needs. They are not sure whether a used truck will be better than a new one. A fork lift truck used can perform just as well as a new one. It however needs greater degree of maintenance than a new one as it deteriorates quickly if it not regularly maintained.

Good dealerships will provide their buyers a great variety of lift trucks for them to choose from and find the best. You could sample the varieties first before settling on one that suits you. When you want to find the best fork lift truck for you, allocate adequate time and avoid rushing. Rushing could make you opt for a truck that you do not need.

You could narrow your search to the household names, such as Mitsubishi, Toyota, Crown Hyster, Nissan, Linde, Yale, Barnett, or Raymond. This will make it easy for you to choose because many people have bought these brands and can provide reviews regarding the lift trucks.

You can do a little research before embarking on buying a fork lift truck. Various websites are dedicated to providing you with information regarding lift trucks. It is a good idea to compare prices. This will be of great help when the chance to negotiate comes. You will know how low you can go and how high you should allow the salesperson to raise the cost.

Whether you decide to buy a fork lift truck used or a new one, you must have it serviced before it begins operation to avoid it breaking down or causing accidents. Servicing involves tightening of screws, checking for any fuel leaks, and checking the oil of the lift trucks. This ensures the engine and other moving parts are in perfect condition for use.

A great fork lift truck will be fuel-efficient and save you money. If you want to spend very little on fuel, you should consider buying an electric used forklifts for sale instead of a gas-powered truck. However, the electric forklifts will be more expensive than the one powered by LP Gas during the initial purchase.

The best used forklifts for sale will consider the load that you will use the truck to carry. Its capacity should be strong enough to bear the load effortlessly. The capacity of the fork lift truck ranges from 1500-5500 lbs.

There are different lift trucks you can decide to purchase depending on the job that you will be using the truck to do. For example, you can have the pneumatic truck, 3-wheel electric one, docker, telescopic, stand-up counter balance, rough terrain, side loader, stacker, walkie straddle, swing mast, piggy back and Drexel fork lift truck.

Buying a fork lift truck can be expensive for an individual or an emerging business. For that reason, it is prudent to get an auto loan to finance the purchase of the lift trucks. You must also consider the shipping costs if you bought the truck from a far off country, and take advantage of the discounts that might be offered.

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